Round Island, Seychelles
Right in the middle of this paradise on earth is Round Island Resort, an away-from-it-all island retreat. Located on Round Island, situated in the middle of the National Marine Park, the resort is spread over the whole island.

Round Island has several stunning beaches, coves, memorable swimming and one of the best snorkeling sites in the Seychelles. The interior of the island has an abundance of lush tropical vegetation.
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Located just about 4 miles to the East of Port Victoria, Round Island's proximity to Mahe is a major advantage. A granitic island, rising to a height of 26 metres above sea-level, Round Island is part of the inner islands’ cluster and is surrounded by the islands of Mahé, Sainte Anne, Moyenne, Long and Cerf. Round Island has a total area of approximately 5 acres and a leisurely stroll around the island takes about 15-20 minutes.

Round Island Resort is currently under development and is expected to open its doors to guests in 2012. Opening Date to be announced.

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